Expressions of Interest Now Open for the Victorian Horticultural Trials 2017

NGIV would like to congratulate those who participated in last year’s successful Victorian Horticultural Trials, increasing the visibility of an already well supported promotional activity and further adding to the innovative, vibrant horticultural industry. This Victorian event provided support and umbrella-branding to exhibitors showcasing the very latest innovations in container, bedding, indoor and outdoor plants. In addition to bringing many segments of the Australian horticultural market together to visit, the event also increased exposure within government and alternative sectors of the community.

The Victorian Horticultural Trials 2016 saw the following businesses showcase their new products, ideas and innovations through various events:


This year the NGIV are proud to partner with Australia’s top breeders and growers once again to present the Victorian Horticultural Trials 2017. An event not to be missed on the Australian horticultural calendar. With the industry’s support we are confident that this tremendous promotional vehicle will grow and can be used as a showcase for the entire industry.   

The NGIV's commitment to the Victorian Horticultural Trials 2017 includes the following proposed events, which will be supported by associated marketing collateral and promotion:

  • Victorian Horticultural Trials Week 5 - 8 December
  • Victorian Horticultural Trials @ NGIV Trade Day Tuesday 5 December
  • NextGen Trials Bus Tour Wednesday 6 December
  • Trials Dinner Thursday 7 December

    For those Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria members interested in being involved in the Victorian Horticultural Trials 2017, will need to submit an expression of interest (EOI), accompanied by the completed information below, via email by Wednesday 28 June 2017. 

    Your EOI will then be tabled for consideration by the NGIV Board. 

    * To ensure we make an impact, and are marketing professionally run events, we would prefer to promote individual branded events, rather than the individual business’s brand. Your event should have its own associated marketing collateral and we strongly encourage you to engage in your own pre-promotion in addition to the Victorian Horticultural Trials branding. Participation in the Victorian Horticultural Trials is restricted to NGIV members only.

    If you have any questions about the event or are interested in participating, forward all correspondence to David Reid: