NGIV Board nominations

The 117th Annual General Meeting of Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV) will be held online on Thursday 21st October 2021. Nominations are now being called to fill vacancies on the NGIV Board of Directors. In total there are four vacancies. 

•    President
•    Vice President
•    2 x Directors

Specific information on the vacant positions and consideration to re-elect officers follows:

Mr Simon Gomme has completed a two-year term and seeks re-election as President for a further one-year term. 

Mr Matt Davis, who is up for re-election, has chosen to stand down as Vice President, Therefore, the position becomes vacate, which current director, Mr Carl Soderlund seeks to be elected. 

With Mr Carl Soderlund seeking election as Vice President, a vacancy now arises for a director.
One further director vacancy arises following the resignation during the year by Mr Matthew Mills.

All nominations must be returned by no later than Thursday 16th September 2021.  

View the nomination form and rules for nominations and election.