NGIV’s 117th Annual General Meeting

Thanks to all those who joined our 117th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 21 October 2021. The AGM was held online and provided an opportunity to give attendees a report on NGIV’s performance and achievements over 2020/21, to provide an update on the NGIV Board of Directors, and announce a number of awards. 

NGIV’s President Simon Gomme chaired the AGM and provided a summary of what was a challenging year and thanking the Board of Directors and the NGIV team for their contributions. Simon was particularly keen to highlight the leadership efforts of NGIV CEO Craig Taberner in navigating the association through a second year of the pandemic. 

Craig then thanked the NGIV Board for their continued support and commitment in a year where they’ve been called upon to make some big decisions. We have a Board with expertise and insight that spans the entire horticultural industry, and their input, professionalism and competency has been invaluable.

There was a special mention for Matt Davis, who has stepped down as Vice President. Matt contributed a lot during his six years and two spells on the NGIV Board. Matt’s been an active contributor; helping to guide the implementation of the latest Strategic Plan, providing valuable insight to help NGIV navigate the pandemic, and guidance to manage National Association issues. Matt’s passionate about our industry and is one of the straightest shooters you will find, particularly when a tough decision needs to be made. 

We’re fortunate to have someone of Carl Soderlund’s experience and expertise, to step up as Vice President for a two-year term.

Scott Buckland (Chief Executive Officer, Knoxbrooke Enterprises) and Ryan Cotter (General Manager, Anco Turf) were welcomed onto the Board after being elected unopposed for three-year terms. It’s always wonderful to welcome new faces, new thinking and fresh impetus, onto the Board of Directors. 

In the absence of our Gala Dinner in 2021, due to the difficulties of staging the event amidst the pandemic, the AGM provided a perfect opportunity to honour some of our industry’s most outstanding contributors with prestigious awards. 

Paul Boland received a well-deserved NGIV Life Membership for the eleven years of service he gave on the NGIV Board of Directors, including four years as Vice President and three as President. He continues to offer his unwavering support and passion for our historic association. And having started out in the industry at the age of 16, Paul is truly a deserving recipient of NGIV Life Membership

The Young Horticulture Leader of the Year was awarded to Teaghan Faull of Nishiki Nursery. Teaghan demonstrated to the panel of interviews her true passion for the industry and her determination has seen her overcome some difficult obstacles with aplomb. She is progressing in her career and is now managing the nursery inventory, as well as the social media at Nishiki Nursery. We believe Teaghan will go on to be an inspiring industry leader.

The Horticulture Student of the Year went to Joshua Taylor of Peninsula Growers and Chisholm. Josh has gone above and beyond to further his education since leaving school at the age of 16 and pursuing a career in horticulture at Peninsula Growers. Josh actively seeks out knowledge from his peers and trainers and translates new skills he has learned through his education, into the workplace.

The AGM concluded on a hopeful note, with Simon reminding attendees that we are entering a phase of significant industry growth. Gardening’s stock has risen attracting a new audience, it’s an exciting time to be part of the industry.