NGIV’s Government Policy Priorities

Advocating for Victoria’s horticulture industry and our members businesses is paramount to what we do.

The advocacy work that NGIV has undertaken in previous years has stood the industry in good stead. A strong focus on engaging Government and exposing them to the essential nature of our industry meant that those relationships were already in place when we really needed them throughout the pandemic.

We have refreshed our Government Policy Priorities which will guide our advocacy and promotion of Victoria’s horticulture industry to Local and State Government into the future.

Our Policy Priorities fall under six headings:

1. Increase awareness and commit to improving Victoria’s Green Infrastructure (GI)
2. Horticultural Industry Resilience
3. Help Victoria maintain its position as Australia’s leader in horticulture
4. Market Access (Exports)
5. Workforce Capacity (attraction and retention)
6. Skills & Education

We believe that the realisation of these priorities would be of enormous benefit to our entire industry, and we will continue to actively seek opportunities to engage Local and State Government over them.

We would encourage our members to familiarise themselves with these items and if presented with the opportunity to engage with Local and/or State Government, to share this document with them.

Contact the NGIV Office to receive hard copies of our Policy Priorities brochure.

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