Monday 15th August 2022

Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV) welcomes the report, “Realisation of Growth Opportunities within the sector”, launched today by the Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Gayle Tierney, when she visited Garden City Plastics (GCP). Located in Dandenong South, GCP is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of plastic pots and containers for the horticulture sector.

The Victorian Government is supporting the nursery and garden industry to identify opportunities for growth, including attracting workers for the future and addressing skill gaps.

The report revealed that NGIV’s membership base provided the Victorian economy with $2.5 billion of economic worth and employing over 24,100 people in 2020/21. These facts underscore the significant contribution horticulture makes to our local economy, wellbeing and liveability; and make the case for even further support to drive the highest quality in our supply chains and economic activity.

While the outlook for the sector remains strong, the report also identified priorities for ensuring future growth, including attracting skilled and casual labour, pursuit of a scoping study for a Horticulture Centre of Excellence, strategic collaboration with targeted local government, exploring export opportunities and promotion and investment in green infrastructure solutions to help facilitate action on climate change.

The report was funded through the Victorian Government’s $15 million Food to Market Program and commissioned by the Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria.

Quote attributable to CEO of NGIV, Craig Taberner

“The Victorian nursery and garden industry is a complex, yet important industry within the Victorian economy and today’s report shows that with the right investment and support we can offer even more. We continue to call on the Government to invest in our industry, and in particular through the proposed Centre of Excellence, in the lead up to the November State Poll.”

To read the full report click here